Private coffee tour “la familia del colibrí” (2 days incl. hotel)

From CHF 280.00

This tour takes you through the most famous coffee growing area of Costa Rica, Tarrazú. This region is due to its altitude of about 1800 m.a.s.l. especially suitable for exquisite specialty coffee.

The journey is on your own (about 2.5 hours from San José). It is important that your car has a 4×4 drive. This is of great advantage on almost all roads of Costa Rica. If you are traveling without a rental car, we can arrange transportation for you at an additional cost.

In this two day coffee tour you will visit two of our coffee producers and have two private tours on their fincas. You will also have an exclusive overnight stay with dinner, breakfast and lunch included!



What’s included?

  • “eco-coffee-tour” by Jonathan and Carlos (guided tour in English or Spanish), incl. cupping
  • 1 night “glamping”
  • 1 dinner
  • 1 breakfast
  • “back to our roots-tour” with the Hernandez family (guided tour in English or Spanish), incl. homemade lunch from their own garden

What is not included?

  • Transportation to and in the coffee growing area Tarrazú.
  • Drinks at dinner (except orange juice)


Upon arrival you will meet our coffee farmers Jonathan and Carlos and see how they produce coffee in a natural way. You will get a tour of the finca and learn how coffee is processed after harvest. Afterwards you can participate in a so-called “cupping”, where you taste the coffee professionally.

After this impressive day you can indulge in culinary delights. Your dinner includes a starter, a main course and a small dessert plus orange juice. Now you deserve a good night’s rest in an enchanting place: glamping is the name of the game! You don’t know what that is? Well, then it’s time! You’ll spend the night in a huge tent, where you’ll sleep on real beds and have everything but electricity, and the glass-fronted shower will definitely be a special experience…! Here you will sleep like in the 7th heaven surrounded by coffee and with beautiful valley and river view. Don’t worry, you can charge your electronic devices in the restaurant next door. There you will enjoy an excellent Costa Rican morning meal, fresh from a good night’s sleep.
The next morning you will continue on to Santa Maria de Dota to visit the gracious Hernandez family. The coffee tour that awaits you there is called “back to our roots”. In their garden there is a distinct biodiversity. Here you can experience how coffee is traditionally roasted and you can grind coffee beans yourself with an old hand mill and then prepare them in the typical chorreador. This is accompanied by a homemade lunch with ingredients from the garden. The Hernandez family is self-sufficient and almost everything grows in their garden…! Sustainability and naturalness are very important to them.

This is where your two-day coffee tour ends. Either you go back to San José or directly over the hills to the beach of Manuel Antonio…
If you are traveling without a rental car, we can organize a transport that will take you from San José or the surrounding area to Tarrazú to Jonathan and Carlos and the next day to the Hernandez family. From there either back to San José or directly westwards over the mountains to the sea to Manuel Antonio… We are looking forward to your request!

The tour is possible from 2 persons. For the overnight stay you have the choice:

  • 2 persons in a double room = 280 CHF
  • 3 persons in a triple room = 420 CHF
  • 3 persons in two double rooms = 498 CHF
  • 4 persons in a four-bed room = 560 CHF
  • 4 persons in two double rooms = 620 CHF


  • Bring closed shoes and warm clothes for the evening
  • Voucher is valid for one year after purchase


When booking, make sure that you choose the right number of rooms and persons. The booking is possible from 2 persons, up to max. 4 persons. You can book either one or two double rooms or one triple or one four-bed room.
After purchasing the vouchers you will receive from Kafi Kolibri the exact details for the journey as well as the contact details of our local contact person. You can either arrange the date of your trip directly with the local partner (English, Spanish) or through Kafi Kolibri.
To travel by yourself, you need a 4×4 car. This is highly recommended throughout Costa Rica!


Additional information

Kaffeetour la familia del colibri

2 Persons (1 room), 3 Persons (1 room), 3 Persons (2 room), 4 Persons (1 room), 4 Persons (2 room)


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