For coffee - lovers


The natural and environmentally friendly processing can be tasted from our exquisite coffees. At 1,200 – 1,900 meters above sea level, the coffee grows magnificently in harmony with the rest of the natural and plant world. The farmers’ families fight against monocultures and the use of machines by manual labor.

Kafi Kolibri supports this development and pays the farmers in Costa Rica very fairly and much better than the market norm. Help us to fight against the exploitation of people and nature and support individual farmer families by buying your favorite type of coffee. Would you like to help all the farmers we work with? Then you are welcome to try the delicious house blend of Kafi Kolibri.


Coffee subscription

You never want to run out of natural coffee? Then the coffee subscription from Kafi Kolibri is just the right thing. At regular intervals, we will conveniently send you the desired amount of your favorite variety(ies) to your home.

With the coffee subscription from Kafi Kolibri you are flexible. You determine not only the variety, but also the quantity of your coffee delivery.

You want to support all the farming families we work with? Or haven’t you found your favorite coffee yet? Our tasting set contains each of the exquisite Kafi Kolibri coffees.

Bring naturalness to your business

The use of coffee capsules is still very common, especially in offices and companies. We can help you to switch to plastic- and aluminum-free alternatives and will find the perfect coffee machine for your office. The freshly roasted specialty coffee from Kafi Kolibri not only tastes better, but is also produced in an environmentally friendly way and under fair conditions.


Green beans

Are you a home roaster? In addition to our locally roasted whole bean coffee, you can also buy sustainable and fair trade green coffee in small quantities.

The coffee tours

Convince yourself of the work of the farming families in Costa Rica and take a private, unique coffee tour. You will learn everything about coffee cultivation, harvesting and processing and get to know the Kafi Kolibri heroes personally.



A volunteer program in the famous coffee region of Tarrazú is the best way to work in harmony with nature and at the same time learn a lot about organic coffee cultivation. Efficient manual labor, breathtaking plant and animal life, and new friends from other cultures are just some of the things you will encounter on your trip.