History & Vision

Kafi Kolibri is committed to fair trade coffee: no monocultures, no mechanization, no waste. Instead, coffee bushes that grow among Costa Rica’s species-rich flora and fauna – in forests where hummingbirds still feel at home.


What does coffee have to do with plastic, aluminum and pollution? Unfortunately, quite a bit. Coffee is often produced under very unfair and destructive conditions and filled into equally environmentally unfriendly capsules. Despite this, you can still find these disposable products in almost every workplace and in many private households. High time to do something about it… thus the idea of Kafi Kolibri was born. Coffee enjoyment without exploitation!

Kafi Kolibri


The vision and goal of Kafi Kolibri is to sell coffee that not only tastes exceptionally good, but at the same time has been produced in a fair and environmentally conscious way. That’s why we work directly with farming families in Costa Rica who care about nature as much as Kafi Kolibri.

Kafi Kolibri quality requirements

The goals of Kafi Kolibri exceed the previous requirements of existing quality claims. For this reason, we have developed our own Kafi Kolibri quality standards. These include a very fair payment for the coffee farmers, an ecological agriculture without monocultures and with natural fertilizers, as well as the saving of large amounts of water and electricity.

Kafi Kolibri